where no storms come

for gen_drabble challenge 25: comfort zone
Not all exiles are unwelcomed


Antarctica’s white. And cold. And absolutely desolate, which seems only fitting: John feels a little like he’s been frozen, locked away behind ice, able only to watch as people died.

Flight is one redeeming thing about the place, even if it isn’t the untamed soaring he’d known in the desert. Here he flies between two points, bounded, hemmed in—alone. But he doesn’t mind that: it means there isn’t anyone left for him to fail.

Sometimes he misses the smell of sand, but there are still winds and empty spaces, and he’s beginning to feel like he isn’t about to break.
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Very nice -- puts me in mind of comparing John to a falcon in jesses just a little bit.

Oh, John. You really crush him here :( But I know he will be better soon.
I've enjoyed your drabbles and adore your word choice and tone. I'd love to read something longer that is not part of your SGA WIP folder. Is there a link to any multi-chapter stories or any big one-shots that I'm missing?

Thank you!!
Well, my google site has everything except for the odds and ends of the last few months, although everything's under 5k, I'm afraid. I do have one monster-length fic that's going to start appearing in April, and various others waiting in line after that's done.