for gen_drabble challenge 6: scratch
Just how does the ATA gene sequence work, anyway?


He tries to ignore it at first—does ignore it at first: too many disasters, no time to sit down and figure out if the niggle at the back of his brain actually exists, or if he’s simply gone nuts. (Or both; he spends his nights talking to blank walls, half-expecting them to talk back, and reciting antique love poetry to an antique city.)

But then Helia and her crew try to claim Atlantis as theirs, and John—

John smiles like a shark and flexes mental fingers and finally does something about that itch he’s pretended for so long isn’t there.
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I have a bigger version of this AU knocking around in the back of my head--I hope to actually write it sometime in the not-too-distant future.
Oh, my. I do so hope that this stops knocking around at the back of your head, and instead marches smartly to the front and demands access to your keyboard. The last line is amazing.

You give us a quick snapshot of what John is capable of in "smiles like a shark;" ground an abstract process like thought in action "flexes mental fingers;" and finish up by folding in the past, the present and the future with "finally does something about that itch he's pretended for so long isn't there."

Let me restate the obvious, tomorrow would not be too soon for this to be written and posted. Or, you know, immediately.

Thanks! I really like that last line too--it just sort of rolled off my mental tongue and rung golden as it came.

....or something. Anyway, I'm not sure if this story will be next in line after the current one gets finished, but it's hovering near the top of the list.

I really like the imagery in this - from the recitation of antique love poetry to the antique city all the way through to shark smiles & flexing mental fingers. Makes me want to make with the grabby hands & demands for more.... ;)

Thank you for sharing this! I look forward to reading more of your work....