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for gen_drabble challenge 5: brother


Ronon misses what the Marines have: the camaraderie, the utter trust, the dirty jokes. . . . (A home and a purpose beyond “kill as many Wraith as possible”.) Sometimes watching them is like watching himself and his squad, before the end came, when they’d thought winning was still a possibility.

The difference, the one that matters, between his squad then and the Marines now, is that the Marines know they can beat the Wraith. “Though it might take a while,” Sergeant Goodman says, wry and beautiful and terrifying in his certainty.

Ronon knows they’ll lose, but he’ll gladly die fighting beside them.
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Waaah! I would never think the adjectives "wry, beautiful, and terrifying" would ever work together well, especially when describing a Marine, but you make it work so well. I know exactly what you're describing. (How do you do that?) Way to be awesome.

I love how you get to the very core of Ronon: the reason why he often seems so immature and unmindful of further consequences. When you believe that all your efforts are doomed to failure, the things that you take pleasure in are much different, much more immediate. You live for the now, making every moment count. (As cheesy as it sounds)
*blushes* You're sweet, you know that?

Ronon's fun to write about because I always come away with some new understanding of him that I didn't have before. For such an apparently simple character he sure has a lot of layers to him.
Ouch. Love Ronon reminiscing about his old squad during his observations of the Marines. Then the follow-up is a punch, Ronon's wisdom beating a Marine’s enthusiasm, but willing to die with them anyway.
Thanks! As I said in the comment above, Ronon's a lot of fun to play with--every time I write about him, he tells me something new about himself and his culture.