gen_drabble challenge 1: beginning

“Once,” John’s mother says, languid in the summer heat, “in the days almost before there was sun or moon, the elves looked up at the stars and dreamed. Discontented with their houses of wood and stone and dirt, they set themselves to build a city of nothing but air and solid light, with a few polished bones to give her shape.

“They built her out on the deep ocean, that she might not be bound to the sullen earth, and when they finished, she flew.”

“Did she really?” asks John.

“Yes, really,” says his mother. “And they called her Atlantis.”
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Me too! She's a lot of fun to write; frankly, I'm glad she's never mentioned in canon, because it gives me free rein to do whatever I want with her. :D
See, this is where you excel. You distill a world of wonder in the description of the particulars. "You create a "world in a grain of sand." You are the William Blake of SGA writers.
Wow! I definitely think that John's mom is an Ancient. It's too bad that that she didn't live long enough to see Atlantis again.

Sort of like Jews who dreamed of Zion and died before they could return there.
It sure would explain a lot, wouldn't it? I think in many ways it's best she didn't see Atlantis again--it would hold only sorrowful memories for her, and echoes of what she once was. What she'd chosen to no longer be.
I can see John as the son of Galadriel and Aragorn. Radek is definitely a Hobbit. Maybe Rodney is Radegast the Brown Wizard?
Yeah, or Luthien or Arwen. I'm actually most of the way through writing a story that plays with that idea.