and sleeps

This is what my brain comes up with while I'm trying to write my essay. Sometimes I really wonder about the stuff floating around in my head.


John started sleeping with Teyla after the city-wide lockdown. Just sleeping, all curled up on top of the covers like a dog. The first time was after a team movie night, when Teyla just hadn't been able to bear the prospect of being alone in the dark and asked him to stay. She'd only meant for a little while, just long enough for the odd surge of panic to subside, but he was still there in the morning when she woke again. And somehow after that he kept winding up in her room just as she was trying and failing to fall asleep, a warm and comforting presence against her legs, a reminder that she hadn't lost everything.

Sometimes she woke in the middle of the night to find him reading by flashlight, a different book each time. He always knew when she was awake, always asked "You okay?", and eventually she realized that he was still paranoid from the dream-stalker incident. Perhaps from other things, too---he'd never said much about his past, but she knew that he'd been married once, and she'd seen the way he looked when there were children about, the way he'd reacted to her son kicking within her.

She worried a little about whether he was getting enough sleep, the fourth time she woke long before dawn and he was already awake, but when she asked, he just laughed. "It's genetic," he told her. "Don't need more than a couple hours of sleep a night. My mom was the same way."

And perhaps she should have worried a little more about the gossip that would get started if he were seen coming and going from her room regularly; perhaps she should have felt a little more guilt about letting another man sleep beside her while Kanan might still be alive (was still alive---John and his people had taught her hope, and she clung to it now as to the only thing keeping her from drowning).

Perhaps. But she was so weary all the time, and sleep came so reluctantly, and John's presence kept the nightmares away.
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I don't know. I kind of want to, but I don't really have any idea of where it might go. If anything, I'll probably wind up posting it in chunks as it comes to me.
Thank you, doll! There's always this moment of glee when I realize that other people like my stuff too. And when someone says they love it--especially when that someone is you--well. I am smiling right now.